Some bands are more melancholy

What I would say is remember advice is worth what you paid for it. Not all advice is good or right for your situation. We are not vets. Some bands are more melancholy, stylistically conservative, or attract an older crowd, like maybe Andrew Bird. At that set you might just not fit in with the people standing around you even though they probably won judge you. I never been to coachella but I seen pictures and it seems like probably any set you go to, you probably fit in with pasties and glitter, but I don know if it exactly the same at Forecastle.

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I’m naturally a heavy sweater. I sweat so darn much. And then add the crazy high humidity here to the mix and I find myself drenched. 1 point submitted 11 hours agoRemember A pallet that is still upright is way more valuable to the team than a downed pallet. Meaning use them efficiently don’t waste them. Secondly, understand how bloodlust works and different killer speeds.

When I got through customs on the way back, I walked straight through the bag claim and out the door and a guard asked me if I had all my luggage. I sure did!It’s an attractive bag! It’s fairly opinionated on how you have to pack it. Shoes in the bottom, their big packing cube, then their two smaller cubes on top (though I swap one cube for my muji Dopp kit).

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