But in the moment, while you were blissfully unaware, he felt

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Unsolicited Advice: As an old fart canada goose expedition parka black friday of 53, I went to every practice, performance, game, show, teacher meeting my kids had growing up. When I came home from work, I did nothing but play with them and help them with their homework. It is really easy to get to caught up in life and ignore those most important to you.

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They thrive on 1) transition off of steals and 2) creating 3s off of penetration. Virginia 1) doesnt turn the ball over and 2) doesnt allow the penetration to create the really high quality kick out catch and shoot 3s. Teams do attempt a lot of 3s against us but only because we cut off anything closer to the basket and force them into long contested jumpshots, which is why teams tend to shoot very poorly against us.If Auburn can generate a ton of open 3s then yes they are dangerous.

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About the time we made it back into Vegas, my buddy’s flight from Washington DC had arrived (he’s getting ready to leave for Japan for the next 3 years) so we went and picked him up at his hotel (Hooters). My wife won some money on the “Vacation” machine in Hooters and we decided to go walk the strip, which wasn’t a bad walk at all. We ended up going through the MGM, across to the Aria/Monte Carlo area and decided all the bars were a bit too busy due to a Golden Knights game getting ready to start.