“As alleged, Ingrid Lederhaas Okun went from a vice president

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Men’s Jewelry Tiffany, the fabled New York luxury jewelry store, confirmed it was the company cited in the federal criminal complaint filed against Ingrid Lederhaas Okun, its former vice president of product development. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement that accompanied the criminal complaint.As an executive in product development, Lederhaas Okun was allowed to take jewelry to potential manufacturers to determine the cost of production, it said.Instead of returning the items to the store, Lederhaas Okun would report the jewelry missing or damaged, the complaint said. It said the items included bracelets silver rings, earrings and pendants made of diamonds, platinum and gold.Lederhaas Okun sold them for some $1.3 million to a leading international buyer and reseller silver rings for women, falsely claiming they were her own, it said.”As alleged, Ingrid Lederhaas Okun went from a vice president at a high end jewelry company to jewel thief jewelry rings,” Bharara said in the statement.The criminal complaint does not name Tiffany explicitly, only saying she worked at “one of the world’s premier high end jewelers (which is) headquartered in midtown Manhattan” where the items went missing.Lederhaas Okun left her job in a downsizing in February, when the jewelry company undertook an inventory to find she had checked out some 165 pieces of jewelry in four months that had not been returned, the complaint said.The company conducts a daily inventory of items valued at more than $25,000, but each of the missing pieces was valued at less than $10,000, it said Men’s Jewelry.