Sweet tarts, gatorade, smarties are all great choices; avoid

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I became a Bournemouth resident (Gerald Road) during the Second World War and was at Bournemouth School and a member of Bournemouth Natural Science Society. After the war ended, the Barton Cliffs were accessible and within easy cycling distance and I was frequently out on the collapsing clay. The present sea defences had not been built.

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Cool sounds emanate from the speakers; several local champagnes are on offer and the views are exceptional. Runs on solar power and we have future plans to create some sleeping pods in open fronted geometric designs in the trees called Pads so romantic couples can stay the night, Oliver tells us. This is a classic champagne must do if you are in the area.

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IBM degenerated in recent years to become an old clunker in a fast moving industry. Huberty, equity analyst at Morgan Stanley, was one of the Wall Street analysts who came out early with a clearly bullish forecast on IBM on Feb. 18, 2016, when she upgraded her rating on the stock to “overweight ” from “equal weight ” and raised her price target to $140 from $135 a share.

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