Repair fees: Some places are now charging the tenant for

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I don’t know about “hidden” fees, but there are some bullshit things I can’t stand.Internet/cable package: They cut a deal with Cox (biggest provider out here) for the whole complex and make you pay for it even if you don’t want cable or would like a faster connection.Administrative fees: This is some crap tacked on in addition to the application fee. Like, $150 worth of crap. Apparently tenants are to pay the rental agents’ wages now.Repair fees: Some places are now charging the tenant for repairs.

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Loblaw has partnered with Instacart of San Francisco, to offer customers in Vancouver and Toronto the ability to order a grocery delivery online. Sobeys has licensed an e commerce platform from British firm Ocado, to launch later this year. Metro intends to expand its click and collect program from Quebec to Ontario.

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