Sometimes they would tell me that something wasn’t possible

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Those same workers aren’t going to troubleshoot software. They aren’t going to work on the hardware involved. They can clean of the computer off I guess, but that’s not an 8 hour a day job. From time to time I would ask them to change some logic in the programs I were responsible for. Sometimes they would tell me that something wasn’t possible programmatically. I had learned myself to program in Basic, so I would make a POC in GW Basic, to show them that it was programmatically/logically possible.

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Not terrible, but still bad. Only real positive is that our defense/speed is elite, we have a top of the rotation that would be a pretty good middle/bottom of the rotation, and our 1 5 hitter are slightly above average to above average. We still suck though, our bullpen is SOOO BAD, the bottom of our lineup is atrocious, and after Keller/Junis (who are kinda questions themselves) it’s a lot of question marks and hoping for breakouts.

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