He was manipulated by Bolas into helping release the Eldrazi

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uk canada goose Judging on whats in the picture I recommend Guards! Guards!Generally it the book I tell people to start with regardless of what is available to them as it is the begninning of a series (The City Watch books) you can carry on with, and I find it much better than The Colour of Magic.It early on enough that you haven really missed out on anything previous to cheap canada goose parka it, and I personally find The Colour of Magic a really poor starting point, although thats just my opinion its canada goose coats on sale been criticised by both Neil Gaiman and Pratchett himself and it was actually the first Discworld book I read and gave up halfway through.I then picked up Guards! Guards! and immediately got hooked in and have now finished all the Discworld novels.Again though, that just my personal opinion.Edit: Just seen on closer inspection they also have the second City Watch installment at Arms so I would think Guards! Guards! would for sure be canada goose outlet washington dc your best place to start :)Note that the Discworld books aren a per se. You don need to read this one to that one.So. You can perfectly well pick up any that appeals to you for any reason.I certainly started the series that way, no reading order recommendations for me.That said, there are recurring places and their sets of characters Guards books, Rincewind, Witches, etc uk canada goose.