At higher levels (post grad)

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canadian goose jacket 2 points submitted 13 hours agoPiggy backing off of this with a bit more explanation: you basically need at least a basic understanding of Calculus (specifically integration and derivatives) because basically everything at its core is based off rates of change or extrapolating specific situations to a larger context. At higher levels (post grad), you also an understanding of statistical analysis because you can just go about measuring stuff willy nilly if you don know how you are going to try to compare it all beforehand. Both of these also make you an appealing target for lab internships and will set you above your peers if you are comfortable.Basic canada goose outlet vancouver physics is also canada goose factory outlet a good idea to become comfortable with vectors and thinking how processes influence each other on 3 dimensional planes.If you are not a math person, then I would focus more on ecology related coursework, especially GIS. canadian goose jacket

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