A couple of hours later, he received a second call

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Voice Acting is top notch (Saltzpyre might be my favourite character in anything), and those first person animations are juicy as all hell. Like the little vibration / wobble with the 2H Hammer when it bounces off something hard, or that little twirl when Bardin brings a 2H weapon back up is just so good. Game looks gorgeous, and its sound design is excellent! It feels so good to 180 and parry because you heard that “woosh” sound, and being to pinpoint what special is coming and from where exactly makes the game feel WAY less cheap than it otherwise could.

Get reddit premiumPlease read our guidelines and FAQ before postingBe civil: Remember the human and follow ReddiquetteIt can be proved. The usual method to do so uses the field of Calculus of Variations, which is responsible for more than just this shortest distance result but is fundamental to how we view physics as well. The idea of this is that for any path you can set up the expression for its arclength.

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