Denmark coordinated its foreign policy with Germany

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iphone 7 case “Listen, I a lightening shitter. But it not like diarrhea. It solid, it well formed healthy, you know but it comes out fast. Three successive Prime Ministers, Thorvald Stauning 3d iphone x cases, Vilhelm Buhl and Erik Scavenius, maintained this samarbejdspolitik (“cooperation policy”) of collaborating with Germany.Denmark coordinated its foreign policy with Germany, extending diplomatic recognition to Axis collaborator and puppet regimes and breaking diplomatic relations with the “governments in exile” formed by countries occupied by Germany. Denmark broke diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and signed the Anti Comintern Pact of 1941.[2]In 1941, a Danish military corps, Frikorps Danmark was created at the initiative of the SS and the Danish Nazi Party, to fight alongside the Wehrmacht on Germany’s Eastern Front. A government statement following the formation of the Frikorps was widely interpreted as a sanctioning of the corps.[3] Frikorps Danmark was open to members of the Danish Royal Army and those who had completed their service within the last ten years.[4] Between 4,000 and 10,000 Danes joined the Frikorps Danmark, including 77 officers of the Royal Danish Army. iphone 7 case

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