(Stephen Spillman / for American Statesman)A Georgetown

Atherton Road, Davison. It features an 18 hole championship course golf scramble, breakfast, lunch and strolling reception. Tickets are $100 and benefit Whaley Children’s Center. There are tons of good places to get a slice in New York, many of which make a great pizza pie. I grew up in Port Washington, NY which is on Long Island about 35 minutes away from Manhattan. I think that just some of the key factors into making great New York slices are: thin crust good sauce to cheese ratio proper high temperature oven (see large pizza ovens in background of photos) the right type of cheese you want a little bit of the orange oil that accumulates on top once it’s done cooking cooking the pie directly on the oven surface whats the deal with pizza shops using those wire grates?There are many many more factors that go into making a great slice but I am not qualified to deal with them all, I just have my own personal preferences.

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