Bangkok, ThailandBest time to book: 4

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Hermes Handbags New Year is about the gathering of family, friends and community. We are excited to bring the community together in our historic Chinatown to celebrate the Year of the Pig, said WCCCC President Dr. Patrick Choy in a press release. Bangkok, ThailandBest time to book: 4.5 months before your trip, or mid September toearly OctoberBest time to fly: 4th week of November (but the whole month is a bargain)When to buy for peak season travel:end of June for travel in mid December; 1st week of October for early December; 2nd 4th weeks of February for summer travel between mid June to end of JulyWhen you can score the best last minute deals: 4 5 weeks ahead of a trip in the first weeks of December and January10. CalgaryBest time to book: 4 months before your trip, or early OctoberBest time to fly: 1st week of FebruaryWhen to buy for peak season travel: 1st 2 weeks of February for either the last 2 weeks of July and 1st week of August; mid to late July for Christmas travel; end of August for the week before New Year EveWhen you can score the best last minute deals:1st week of July for a trip in the last week of that month; mid April for the 2nd replica hermes kelly watch week hermes replica scarf of June11. Fort Lauderdale, FloridaBest time to book: 3.5 months, or late February to early MarchBest time to fly: 1st week of AprilWhen to buy for peak season travel: early to mid July for late December travelWhen you can score the best last minute deals:late December for the 1st half of January12. Hermes Handbags

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