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canada goose clearance sale The last true loss for Soto was in 2012 in getting stopped in the fifth round by Lucas Matthysse. In 2015, Soto lost a controversial decision to Antonio Orozco. It was a horrible decision. The ground that Conan Gray explores the politics and horror of high school may have been trod upon many times before, but this 19 year old brings a fresh eye and lots of pessimistic heart to the discussion. Minimalistic and haunting, Gray’s voice soars and cheap canada goose uk swoons on Sunset Season, an EP about life after graduation in a small Texas community (“Idle Town”), merciless bullying (“Greek God”), and the bitterness of everyone finding love except you, of course (“Crush Culture”). A prolific singer who, like many of his contemporaries, is finding immense popularity on YouTube, Gray has official canada goose outlet a particular talent: mining his own feelings to reflect those of his particular demographic. canada goose clearance sale

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