3 Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Halloween Candy

Every year at Halloween, children receive more candy than they could—and should—ever possibly eat. All these extra treats lead to weight gain and are bad for your teeth.

Halloween candy can greatly increase your risk for tooth decay and cavities. Sticky candies like caramels, gummies and toffee in particular stick on your teeth longer, feeding bacteria that wear away enamel.

At Crozet Family Dentistry, we encourage you to only eat a few treats that you love and then to get rid of the rest of your Halloween candy. You don’t have to throw away bags full of candy. Instead, try these tactics:

Support Our Troops

Organizations like Operation Shoebox and Operation Gratitude send candy to deployed troops in care packages throughout the year. Your child can donate candy to this cause instead of eating all the candy themselves.

Conduct Science Experiments

Candy can also be used for teaching experiences. Many types of candy can be used in safe, at-home science experiments that are fun for your child. This website is full of experiments that help you get rid of candy in fun ways.

Save Candy for Christmas

You can save candies for Christmas, too. If you have a Christmas countdown calendar, save candies to add to the calendar so you are only eating one candy per day.

Some candies can also be broken into smaller pieces and saved for baking. Pick out which candies you could use in cookies or brownies later. Smash them into smaller pieces, put them in plastic baggies and save some money when it is time for holiday baking.

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